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Are You Eligible?

Benefits May Need to Be Paid if You Are Eligible for Veterans Compensation

If you or a loved one was injured, or contracted a disease, while on active duty in the military you may be eligible for Veterans compensation. If your injury or disease was made worse as a result of your service, benefits may be paid. An Atlanta Veterans disability attorney should be consulted if you are having any difficulty obtaining your benefits. Veterans can be denied benefits when they are completely eligible.

Stevens & Sullivan, LLC has been working for 40 years to help the disabled obtain their earned benefits from the government and insurance companies. We have built a modest but accomplished team that is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of professional legal counsel.

For additional help in determining your eligibility for disability or in preparing your application, contact our firm today.

Veterans Disability Lawyer in Atlanta: Determining Your Eligibility

Your disability compensation will be paid according to your needs. Severe disabilities; dependent spouse, children or parents; or, a seriously disabled spouse will qualify you to receive additional amounts to your benefits. You will need to provide discharge or separation papers, dependence records (such as marriage or birth certificates of children) and medical evidence. Our firm can assist you to prepare and submit your application if necessary. Depending upon your disability rating, you may be qualified for vocational rehabilitation to assist you in becoming educated in a new field of employment.

Our firm is committed to helping those who have helped our country and protected our rights and freedoms. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the same service in the form of legal representation, if you are in need. Please feel free to call our office and speak with one of our attorneys.

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