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At Stevens & Sullivan, LLC We Are a Team Committed to Excellence.

Every member of our office strives toward the same purpose: offering our clients a unique experience they cannot obtain elsewhere. We provide compassionate guidance to those impacted by injuries, illnesses, or diseases caused by military service.

Each team member brings a wealth of experience that, when combined, enables us to provide a high standard of legal care. Our firm assists clients through the various stages of a Veterans Disability matter, with our attorneys delivering skilled representation to each individual. We adopt the approach of a small firm, providing clients in challenging circumstances with devoted attention while still offering the exceptional level of legal service and counsel you would find at a large firm.

Unlike many firms, our entire practice is focused on Veterans Disability law. Our team appreciates and recognizes the sacrifices made by the men and women of our Armed Forces, and we are here to fight for the rights of service members injured and/or disabled while serving our country.

Although an injury may have been sustained during active military duty, obtaining disability benefits is almost never a straightforward process. Our team can guide you through this complex process, offering advice and support from the outset of your case and vigorously appealing any denial of benefits. We have assisted thousands of individuals in seeking disability benefits and have prevailed even when the government initially denied compensation.

Feel free to fill out free case evaluation form or contact our office at 404-467-9017 to speak personally with a skilled Veterans Disability lawyer.

David A. Stevens

David formed the firm Stevens & Sullivan, LLC with fellow disability attorney, Douglas Sullivan, and broadened the practice to its current focus on representation of disabled Veterans. Since 2012, they have successfully assisted thousands of Veterans in obtaining their Veterans Disability compensation benefits, including representation at the agency level, appeals to the Board of Veterans Appeals, and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

Douglas Sullivan

Teaming up with attorney David Stevens in 2012, he continues to represent Veterans throughout the claims/appeals process from the Regional Office to hearings at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and through appeals to the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims.

The law firm of Stevens & Sullivan, LLC has expanded to include Doug’s spouse, Attorney Daphne Sullivan, and JAG Attorney Christopher Campagno. The firm has represented thousands of Veterans throughout the VA.

Daphne Sullivan

Daphne Sullivan has worked with Stevens & Sullivan, LLC since 2017 and now heads their Social Security disability practice as well as assisting in the development and appeals of VA claims at both the agency and hearing levels.

Christopher Campagno
Managing Attorney

Christopher A. Campagno joined Stevens & Sullivan, LLC in June of 2021. His areas of expertise include Veterans Law, Disability Rights, and Military Justice. His current practice focuses on representing disabled Veterans throughout all stages of the VA disability claims process, to include the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans claims.

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