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PTSD Can Be Caused by a Traumatic Event

There are countless uncertainties in life and any individual can find themselves facing an extremely stressful event. Some are easily resolved and do not leave any long term effects. In other instances a traumatic event can leave an individual with post-traumatic stress disorder. Commonly referred to as PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder is a form of anxiety that can result in a range of psychological or physical issues. It can occur when a person faces a serious event that leaves them with unfortunate repercussions as a result. It is a case by case issue since some may experience issues from an event while others walk away from the same situation unharmed. PTSD can show itself in a number of ways and each person can suffer in different ways.

Some may have trouble falling asleep or remaining asleep and the images of the traumatic event continue to run through their head. They can face reactions to a circumstance that reminds them of the incident that occurred. Reliving the moments is common whether the person is awake or asleep and it can make it extremely difficult for the individual to move on when they keep reliving the incident that is haunting them. It can be debilitating for those that do not seem to be able to make it past the distressing occurrence. For those that have gone to war it is common to suffer from PTSD. Those with PTSD can be left with a range of emotional feelings with some having a sense of numbness or lack of interest and others demonstrating avoidance behavior. They may find themselves also experiencing physical ailments from dizziness and headaches to agitation.

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PTSD Qualification in Atlanta

Not everyone that experiences these affects is suffering from PTSD. In order to better diagnose a person there is certain criteria that reflects an issue of post-traumatic stress disorder. This will also be used to determine if the individual is under enough infliction that they need financial assistance. It will need to be validated that a veteran was faced a stressful situation that caused them to fear, horror or a feeling of helplessness. As a result they are suffering with symptoms of PTSD such as the loss of positive feelings, having reoccurring memories, being on guard for other serious incidents to happen at any time along with indications. Lastly is should be shown that these symptoms that resulted from the traumatic experience are so severe that they are having an impact on the veteran at home, at work, with friends and other areas of their life. An individual that is believed to be suffering should not make the diagnosis on their own. A medical professional should be sought so they can evaluate the individual themselves.

Dealing With PTSD

There are various treatments that have been developed to deal with the illness and help alleviate the symptoms such as Eye Movement Desensitization or Reprocessing as well as Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Some medicine has also demonstrated to have effects against the disorder. Those that suffer need to seek help so that they are able to move past PTSD and on with their lives. An Atlanta veteran’s disability attorney from Stevens & Sullivan, LLC has over 40 years’ experience practicing law and assisting clients with their legal claims. If you or a loved one is a veteran dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, there is a chance you are entitled to compensation and the legal team at the firm may be able to get you what you deserve. They have handled numerous claims before, exercising their outstanding legal comprehension to secure a positive outcome.

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